Glendale Arizona Westin Hotel

We are committed to enhancing the wellbeing of our guests by providing a refreshing environment and thoughtful amenities, and revitalizing our program to ensure guests feel better than they did on arrival. Everything we do is geared to making sure guests do their best and we appreciate how we help them in the best way possible during their stay. We started our trip at the Westin with our first hostess, a young woman in her early 20s, and she appreciates our commitment to support her in all aspects of her journey.

We know that travel can affect the well-being of our guests, and we strive to help our partners stay in control and move down the path. We are looking for dynamic people who are happy to join our team and are ready to jump in any situation to help. If you are someone who is positive, adaptable, intuitive and genuinely interested in the well-being of others, we invite you to discover how we at the Westin can work together to meet the challenges of travel and everyday life.

Be aware of possible situations where guests are unable to safely participate in activities. Observe all activities at the leisure facilities and report questions to the Westin Human Resources Department.

Follow the company's safety policies and procedures and report any violations of Westin Leisure Facilities policies, rules, regulations or procedures. Promote rules and regulations in recreational facilities that serve the safety or well-being of guests and members.

More About Glendale

More About Glendale